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The Counsellor

Chiew Peng Chua (aka CP) was a Pastor for more than 20 years before deciding to focus on counselling and therapy full time.   

Counselling is a science.  It requires skills and competence.  Counselling is also an art.  It requires the ability to see the individual for who he or she is.  Good, effective counselling combines the science and art of being with and helping another in his or her life struggles. That is the essence of what she seeks to do.

As a therapist, CP endeavours to deliver clinical interventions with a pastoral heart. She is culturally sensitive as she has stayed in Canada over 10 years beside Singapore. 

CP is also an Associate Counsellor at Grace Counselling Center and The Haven. 


BA., Theology

MA., Counselling

Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator

Certified DISC Trainer

Registered Professional Counsellor Member of Association of Christian Counsellors, Singapore

Clinical Member & Registered Counsellor of Singapore Association for Counselling (mbership no: C0650)


pic of the counsellor

About Counselling/ Therapy

What do you do when you have the flu or some physical ailments?  You will likely go see a doctor and take the necessary measures to ensure that you recover.  You do not take your health for granted and invest in it.  You take time, effort and do all you can to be well. 


What about your emotional and psychological health?  Feeling down and distressed is like catching an emotional and psychological flu.  It impairs your functions and affects your interpersonal relationships. Counselling helps.  It can help you clear up the fog, dry the tears and facilitate the rest you need for your spirit, soul and body.   


I invite you to take time toward your own well-being.  


Because you are worth it!

The name depicts the Counsellor's belief that Someone greater than the Counsellor and the client is involved in the healing process of therapy.  The logo captures the name and pictures the “breaking down of barriers” that hinder one from living his or her life to the full. 

The Logo 

About Shame 

"Darkness produce good

mushrooms but poor flowers"

- Anna Salter

About Acceptance 
"When I accept myself as I am, then I change."
 - Carl Rogers


Individual Counselling 

In individual therapy, we explore ways to manage the challenges that disturb and affect our emotional wellbeing.  

Issues that require therapy may include anxiety, depression, interpersonal challenges and anger management etc.

When something unpleasant and overwhelming hits us unexpectedly, our survival instinct kicks in.  These may create friction and communication issues. In therapy, the counsellor facilitates conversations. In a safe place, members of the family are able to address difficult topics and foster understanding. 

Family Counselling
Couple Counselling

As a certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator and trained therapist, I can help couples who are preparing to enter into marriage.  


Couples can choose to do it by signing up a package or decide to do session by session. 

+65 86468055

Chin Swee Road

Adam Road 

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